The Infinity and Divine Mystery of the Universe

 Divine (Infinite) ♥️ Universe ♾️

Nothing comes into existence out of nothing, it doesn't disappear when it is, it just transforms. The Universe is Eternal and Forever. Starting from a singularity at a small point, they constantly expand and move together from Eternal to Forever. In fact, the universe is an eternal balance. However, it is not infinite. They come from the Infinite and move towards the Infinite as Eternal and Forever. So this is maybe the 100 millionth universe we live in, and that's how the universe will forever collapse in, reunite, and go on forever. We may not know which universe we live in, but we can say that the universe is an infinity cycle that will collapse inward, reunite and continue forever. The pushing force is also the pulling force and they constantly balance each other. That is, when the ever-expanding universe reaches the energy to pull itself inward again, it will collapse inward and recombine again. This means constant transformation and constant re-creation. And actually there is no such thing as death in the universe, so everything is just a constant, endless transformation. And an infinite number of universes can also exist because of the limitless nature of infinity. At the same time, Black (White) Holes can be the gateways to the parallel universe. Infinite Now but Not Infinite Now is the infinity of the universe and time.

Constantly Increasing Divine (Infinity) / Energy in the Universe

In closed systems, the total energy does not change. But in nothingness, the universe is constantly expanding. The universe is a closed system when viewed from the inside. However, when viewed from the nothingness into which it has expanded, the universe is not a closed system. Because open and closed systems are in energy, but nothing is an open or closed system for energy. Just as energy is the basis of matter and antimatter, matter and antimatter can also be the basis of energy. Because energy and matter are constantly moving together. In other words with endless motion, as the universe expands, they can increase the formation of matter, and when the formation of matter increases, they can continuously increase the total energy of the ever-expanding universe, so that both energy and matter can occur in infinite numbers. Because an infinite number of energies are required for the formation of an infinite number of matter and antimatter. And these are signs of the infinity of energy and matter. 
Because as the universe expands, the density of energy remains constant. In other words, in order to maintain the same density in the universe of increasing volume, more energy emerges over time. In that case, since the amount of energy is constantly increasing, energy, matter and antimatter will be balanced and the endless cycle in the universe will never end. Because the eternal balance in the universe will be able to be maintained, so the universe will collapse inward again (great collapse) and reunite and integrate. They create the Divine (Infinite), that is, ever-increasing Energy (0), the Eternal (- Antimatter) and the Eternal (+ Matter) universe, that is, an infinite number of matter (+1) and antimatter (-1).

Energy/Matter/Anti-Matter Balance in the Universe

In closed systems, the total energy does not increase, decrease and does not change (0). Antimatter (-1) is singular, so they cannot become a plural universe. Antimatter moves in 2 directions (-), matters moves in 4 directions (+). In the universe, antimatter (-1) and matter (+1) constantly balance each other, turn into energy again (0), and after transforming into energy (+1) again, they turn into matter and accelerate the formation of the matter universe. Because while trying to go from 0 (-) Infinity to antimatter, they are pulled inward again and this time they turn from energy to matter (+1). In fact, the existence of antimatter is a state of equilibrium that provides the formation of the matter universe. When antimatter reaches the 4th and final stage, it ends and turns into energy again in the 5th stage and becomes matter in the 6th stage. In other words, they transform from energy (0) to antimatter (-1), from antimatter (-1) to matter (+1). The reason is in the universe;

Infinity Loop (+ / -) Download

Infinity Loop (+ / -) 1 Hour Download

6+6=12 Infinity Balance in the Universe

All things in the universe consist of 1 black and 1 white, namely (-1) and (+1). And they move together. And in this way they constantly balance each other out. However, like the dark phases of the Moon, (-1) meaning the black ones end in the 4th phase, turn into the white one in the 5th phase (0), and fully integrate (become +1) in the 6th phase.

(+1), that is, those expressing the white one are always in balance. +1 and +2 integrate at +3 and reach the 4th stage. They fully integrate at +6 along with +4 and +5. And everything starts at 0, meaning nothing, and ends in nothing. And light and dark thus balance each other. And this is the infinity balance in the universe, 6+6=12 in the universe.

Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis Triangle

Thesis and Antithesis, that is (+1) and (-1), always integrate in Synthesis, that is, at 0. And they also occur in 0 as (-1) and (+1), that is, Eternal and Forever. When they reach the 0 point, that is, synthesis and integrity, they are constantly balanced as (-1) and (+1) again. And in this way they constantly move forward. This is how they happen in the infinity cycle we described above.


Oscillating Motion in The Universe (4-way)

Nothing is the Antithesis

(Not Thesis Antithesis) (Not Antithesis Synthesis) = (Not Thesis Not Antithesis) (Not In Synthesis)

Divine and Mystical Wisdom

When (-) and (+) Infinite cancel each other out, we only understand the Infinite/Divine because when we say "Infinite", only the Divine remains, not positive or negative. The Infinite Universe, as it is known in the world, is an infinity cycle that is constantly Denied from God, that is, the Divine/Infinite, that comes from the Infinite and moves towards the Infinite as Eternal and Forever.

Just as black and white in the universe balance white and black in the evolutionary process by constantly Not (Not Black, Not White) and show each other like a mirror, the universe also comes from infinity and moves together as Eternal and Forever by being Not from the Infinite, that is, from the Divine.

And those who are conscius, that is, those who can integrate their mind and heart, can attain such a Divine, Eternal and Forever and mystical wisdom. Thesis and Antithesis, that is, the brain and consciousness, come together in synthesis, that is, in the heart. First of all, they attain spiritual wisdom in this 3rd stage. In the 4th stage, they attain the Divine wisdom within themselves and can eliminate the "I" consciousness in this way. In stage 6, they end. That is, they are constantly moving along with the superconscious state. They are constantly being erased from within themselves, from the idea and consciousness of the "I" in the superconscious state. Beyond the veil of "I" they can see the Divine within themselves.In other words, just as they see themselves in the universe, they can also see the universe within themselves in the form of Divine wisdom. Because Woman and Man (Eternal and Forever) come from God (the Infinite/Divine) and return to God. They become a Divine Love.

So when the veil of self is opened, He is no longer You. What is inside is your Divine, Eternal and Forever wisdom. He is no longer a "person". Self-consciousness can thus return to its Divine, Infinite essence, that is, to its Divine source. And now they are Not in the normal world and normal human consciousness, that is, self-consciousness. And they are in a state of superconsciousness, as in the infinity loop we gave above. And now they are nothing within nothing.

In other words, who are conscius can reach a spiritual wisdom first and then a Divine wisdom, and they can see the Divine and hidden Infinite wisdom within themselves, within the Infinite cycle, that is, within the universe. They can attain a superconscious state in this way, as if the entire universe was moving within themselves, as 0x1=0;

Either Divine or Eternal or Forever..

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