My Philosophy - Antinatalism

Existence is an unjust and vile order of slavery, and all living things are mortal and helpless slaves of this injustice. So every birth is a murder, and every child born is a new slave for existence and a new corpse added to the pile of corpses. The so-called holy family concept is essentially a lie that serves an unjust existence, and every family is actually the murderer of its own child.

Parallel to the injustice of existence on earth, capitalism and its extensions, imperialism and fascism, also create a vile order of slavery on earth.

Although communism provides a social/economic balance against all these, it will not be able to provide a real existential justice. Because there is no real and absolute justice in existence.

So the world and humanity should never have existed, and if we want to abolish injustice, we must abolish the earth and life and we should never bring children into the world.

There is no such thing as eternal life. With the dream of an eternal life, the selfishness that brings children to the world and the injustice of existence are tried to be justified.

Therefore, in order to break this unjust cycle, we must not bring children into the world and support an unjust existence and destruction of the world.

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